Welcome to TagToSell.it demo blog!

We are a platform connecting consumers to shops and brands with help of publishers. Consumers read blogs and magazines looking for inspiration. They want to see what idols and influencers wear, buy or use. We take advantage of the popularity of that to provide best targeted advertisement you can imagine. With our alternative approach we do it in an eye-catching and esthetic way. Check how well it looks in the demo below.

Users are looking for a good content and they don't pay attention to adverts around this content. Tags are much more visible and look much better then standard banners and links under photos. It's your choice how many products you will tag on photos.

You can integrate tags to any blog or website with just few minutes, and we’ll gladly help you with all the technical details involved!

Change your Instagram profile into store with just one click! See live demo

If you are a blogger or other content publisher you can start monetizing your website today, just give us a try and see how satisfied you will be. We guarantee you better clickrate and higher commision!

If you are a brand or a shop and you have a blog or Instagram profile, you can take advantage of our 1 month free trial period. Link your content to the products at your store and watch how the sales increase. There is nothing to lose!

We’ll help you with connecting to bloggers and take advantage of their popularity. Don’t waste money on ineffective advertisement in places where people don’t want to see it. Promote your products where consumers really ask “Where can I buy these things?”!

If you like the idea, please contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form.